Compostable products are the items crafted from renewable resources like a cane, palm leaves, sugar, wood or corn, rather than petroleum-derived plastic. Because Compostable bags are made of cellulose, there are no toxic gases being released into the air during production.

Moreover, these are the great alternatives to petroleum based – plastic bags.

At Growpac, we offer a wide assortment of completely certified compostable bags in different shapes and sizes. So, regardless of what application you are looking for, we’ve got you covered. These bags, offer you a sustainable and completely fit for purpose alternative – matching or bettering the performance of traditional unsustainable bags.


These bags look and work like plastic bags, yet they don’t remain in our environment for 1000s of years. We use non-toxic, eco-friendly ink and can be consumed by marine animals safely. Our bags are completely compostable in both home and commercial composts and are certified by various internationally recognised organisations including Australasian, European and American certifications. Growpac offers two types of compostable bags – Reusable and single-use compostable bags.

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    Re-usable compostable bags

    As the name suggests, these compostable bags can be used multiple times. These are more durable compared to disposable plastic bags. These eco-friendly reusable, composite bags create far less emissions than alternatives when being produced and we also insure all our products are ethically sourced. These bags are breathable, elastic as well as strong and can be used to store many varieties of food items.

    Traditional reusable bags which you see at your local supermarket create far more emissions to be produced and do not have end life recycling or reusing system in place – i.e. will more than likely end up in land fill.

    Growpacs reusable bags can be put in compost collections and will completely break down given suitable conditions

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    Single-use compostable bags

    Plastic bags have a useful lifespan of and hour maximum yet most plastic bags these days end up in the landfill. Once in the anaerobic environment of a landfill traditional plastic bags will last 1000s of years before degrading completely. Worst yet, is if these plastic bags that we only briefly make use of end up in the ocean they will endanger marine life.

    Growpacs single use compostable bags can be put in your home compost heap and are accepted by commercial composting facilities. As these bags are made of plant material, these facilities compost these bags and return to them to their base organic components.

GrowPac offers a wide range of Compostable Bags for product packaging. No matter what the application or use we will be able to find a sustainable solution for you.

To know more about compostable bags, get in touch with us today and we can help you with the right sort of sustainable packaging and bags.

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