We care about our planet
GrowPac is striving towards a world with no single use packaging. With every bottle, box, bowl, tray, cup and bag having an endless lifecycle and none of our packaging waste polluting the ocean or land. By using sustainable packaging that is grown by nature and not extracted from it, we can effectively reduce our climate impact, conserve resources and minimize pollution.
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Reclaim our world
Because Growpac’s products are compostable, there is no need to use traditional ways to get rid of the waste once done with the product. Growpac have partnered up with reclaim (New Zealand’s leading recycler) to help our clients not only reduce their impact on the environment by using our packaging but also reduce their waste costs. Get in contact with us today to get your business not only consuming green products but also diverting compostable, recyclable, or reusable products from landfill.


Traditional oil based packaging is a significant source of landfill waste and is regularly eaten by numerous marine and land animals, to fatal consequences. Synthetic plastic does not biodegrade or compost. It just sits and accumulates in landfills or pollutes the environment. Estimates point towards around 100 million marine mammals a year being killed by plastic. This is all because we are carelessly consuming from and producing plastic packaging that is finding it’s way into the ocean.


Composting is a natural biological process, carried out under controlled aerobic conditions (requires oxygen). In this process, various microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi, break down organic matter into simpler substances. The effectiveness of the composting process is dependent upon the environmental conditions present within the composting system i.e. oxygen, temperature, moisture, material disturbance, organic matter and the size and activity of microbial populations.

Composting is not a mysterious or complicated process. Natural recycling (composting) occurs on a continuous basis in the natural environment. Organic matter is metabolized by microorganisms and consumed by invertebrates. The resulting nutrients are returned to the soil to support plant growth.

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