With billions of tons of waste packaging going to landfills around the world, an increasing number of companies are looking for ways to use packaging materials which make less impact on the environment.

Compostable product packaging has become their first choice. This eco-friendly packaging solution is safe for human and marine consumption and with effective end of life systems in place can be quickly returned to the ground leaving no damaging residues behind. Companies are opting for sustainable packaging as it gives their business a green edge over competitors while not polluting the environment they operate in.


Composting is a natural recycling process. Compostable materials entail a few characteristics that make them a greener way for product packaging. The major characteristics include  – Biodegradability, Chemical composition, ecotoxicity and quality of final compost.

Our compostable products are considered non-toxic, biodegradable and of course completely compostable. They decompose in a composting scenario within the time span of approx. 90-180 days of disposal (in some cases much quicker). Also, because our products decompose completely, they integrate into compost with nothing left behind unlike other bioplastics and ‘green’ materials. Compostable products are not only safe for human and animal consumption but also leaves no negative effects to the environment.

GrowPac offers a wide range of Compostable Bags for product packaging. No matter what the application or use we will be able to find a sustainable solution for you.

To know more about compostable bags, get in touch with us today and we can help you with the right sort of sustainable packaging and bags.

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